Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day today

So it is snowing here in Southern Indiana, which means NO SCHOOL!!! yay for the kiddos, but still gotta go to work. And since there is no school, there will be no wrestling meet tonight, meaning no senior night either.  Senior night is the night we celebrate the seniors on our team and most importantly to me, my son Aaron and 4 of his teammates.  So that means I have until thursday to complete my "senior poster"  so that project will have a little more time to be finished (which is a good thing, since a headache put a stop on it last night)

Anyways....onto the goals for this week:
1) finish senior poster
2) try a new recipe
3) make 2 crayon roll ups -*1 completed, 1 to go
4) finish dinosaur applique for B's pjs
of course these are in addition to the normal objectives of do laundry, feed kids and wash dishes...I may even mop the floor tonight, especially if it keeps snowing and I dont have to go any where.

I will post pics of the finished projects as I complete them, but for now, I will post some pics of the tournament my son was in this past weekend.  He was the 171 lb champion by the way and now has a record of 29-3!!! woo hoo!!!!!!! I am pretty proud if you cant tell!

and a few from last weeks BEN DAVIS GIANT 16 TOURNEY which he was also the 171 lb CHAMPION:


Friday, January 7, 2011

Its a new year, a new me!

so every year people make new years resolutions which typically last about 3 weeks before they move on to real life and forget them.  So this year I am not making any resolutions....just setting goals (short term and long term) and moving on to become the person I want to be.  A few of the goals I have set for myself are to lose the last 15ish pounds that are hanging on for dear life to my butt, set specific crafting goals for each week to be accomplished, regain my organizational skills and to start enjoying life everyday regardless of the circumstances...so follow along, you could be in for a WiLd ride!